Aug 27, 2013

[ super star ] Libra Cruise Trip 2013

Ride to the Sea. On a full moon. Till the sun rises

 Libra Star Cruise by Super Star

Sea Escape. That's what I should call it after finally stepping board on a cruise for the 1st time. Our package comes with a room, a free dinner and breakfast in the next morning. We can board as early as 530pm and leave before 12pm the following day. Per pax: RM160 + RM72 (fuel and handling tax). Positive without room would be cheaper (RM80++) and you can spend your night in the casino instead. So, if all goes according to plan, the trip might turn out free! =)

The Cruise deck

Night out: Guess other than the casino, this is the only place to be at. It comes along with two empty swimming pools and a jacuzzi. The Mariners Buffet restaurant is just around the corner. (Foods were just so-so for dinner, Breakfast was much better)

Moon under the clouds

Turned out the night is kinda bright. Thanks to round full moon, we couldn't catch any stars but instead we could see a spot light shinning across the sea. Stunning.

 Windy night with my partner in crime

Dancing with the wave. The ship is actually more stable when it is moving. Guess it's because of the high tide and windy night. Not really a good time to be on deck but the view is just too good to stay in.

 The sun rises

Glimps of light: Watching the sun rises from a crise is a total different feeling. The position of the sun is constantly moving as the ship sail forward. Love sunrise. Big time.

Just us

A perfect morning. Our day couldn't started off any brighter. Perfect view with breakfast on table. We were on cloud 9.

Penang from the open sea

From a different perspective. As more lights came in, we started to see our surroundings more clearly and to witness this little island i grew up emerging from the sea. Simply breathtaking.

By Simon Loh
*Click on the pictures for better quality =)

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