Apr 12, 2011

[ 2012 ] : The End?

Head of the 2012 prediction?
Do you think its happening?
Lets see..

The Maya Callender

Based on the calendar of Maya, our world will end on 21st (or some say 24th) December, 2012. Signaling the end of a cycle while a new one might begins. But is that the correct date? After how the earth suffered from few disasters lately, no one can never say never except maybe: Justin Bieber

Herm..Now back to 2012,
So as a concern earthlings, I did some research and found some interesting theories which I felt interestingly enough to share them here:

1. Pole shift

Galactic shift refers to a massive movement of the Earth's mantle, which would change the positions of the North and South poles. But what might cause a sudden pole shift? According to Researcher Nostradamus who used his knowledge of astronomy and astrology to make his predictions about the galactic alignment that signal the end of days.

In fact, the first scientist to suggest it was Einstein in 1955. In the last discovery by scientist proves that the north pole has been moved and the earth's magnetic field that has been protecting the Earth from the solar radiation cracked with no known reason.

2. Niburu Planet

Niburu is around 4-8 times the masses of Earth and its heading to this direction. Some predicts that it will enter our solar system in 2012 and cause a gravity error.

Nibiru is reported with elliptical orbit.

It is believed that the period of Nibiru passed the earth once during the year 3661. Each period has recorded many major disasters occur in the earth :

±1650 BC - Fall of ancient Egyptian Middle Kingdom, Mesopotamian dark age occurs, Harrapan collapse in India, the collapse of Minoan civilization, Collapse of the Xia Dynasty in China
±3150 BC - the flood (after this disaster ancient history begins a new civilization)
±5310 BC - Ice Age in the period of Colocene
±8900 BC - fast Global warming and polar melting during interglacial period
±12,600 BC - polar shift or the earth (Can be seen from the mammoth’s frozen fossil with food that has tot been processedis in their stomach)

All around 3661 period of time.
Estimated time of arrival for Niburu planet: 2012

3. Dark Comet

Dark comet is not visible and there are probably thousands of comets like this. In 1983 a comet called IRAS-Araki-Alcock passed only 5 million kilometers to the Earth and was known only four nights before crossing. If these comets fall into the earth, it can cause a tremendous havoc disastrous.

Historians claimed that it was the result of a giant comet hitting the earth which caused the extinction of dinosaurs and made the earth in the complete darkness.

4. Solar Flare

Almost similar to the 2012 movie. The influence of solar flares from our sun will indirectly cause damage. The researchers have concluded that solar flare activity can raise the temperature of the earth several degrees and lead to rapid global warming. Solar flares can also caused damages to satellites and radiation protection layer of the earth.

So how?

Myth or truth?

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Anonymous said...

geng...pro...faint...so free worry 2012 will come or not?

Simon Loh said...

Not worried. Just curious. =)

Anonymous said...

it's just Zion wake up Simon... the matrix has you.