Nov 24, 2009

Pyramids [ mysteries ]

Did You Know?

Today : We still doesn't have the technology to duplicate any of those pyramids but somehow it was build by people who lived more than 3000 years ago.The pyramids were built in such a way that they line up with certain stars and planets at certain times.
( watch transformers 2 if ya don't believe it )

Hmm.. I can't help but wonder :

The pyramids of Giza

After minutes of my very own research around the internet, there are a few possibilities :
1) Someone travel back from the future to help
2) They are able to harness mind power to move 10 ton stones
3) Aliens
4) They are freaking smarter and more advance than us!!!

HAH! Come back to your senses!!

Stars Alignment :
The brightest of the 3 stars of Orian's belt

All we are certain is that Pyramids of ancient Egypt were built as burial tombs for Egyptian royalty as they believed that when you die, you take it all with you. So all the pure gold stuff, treasures and personal private toys will all be placed inside.

The layout around the Pyramics...

Another thing we must know is that there are still countless areas in the pyramids which are yet to be explored and from what I heard : Secret Chambers and unforgivable curses!! Just like what's in Harry Potter. COol Huh?

Who wants to go to Egypt with me?

Next post will most probably about
the connection between Titanic and Egyptian curses
STAY tune..

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