Sep 4, 2013

Garden [by] The Bay

A World Of Wonders

Supertree Grove

Garden By the Bay consist of multiple fascinating man-made indoor and outdoor gardens which located right behind Marina Bay. Before this, I have only seen  images of the famous Supertree Groove popping out on the facebook newsfeed once awhile but to be there to see it with my eyes is just beyond words. Due to time limitation, I only get to visit the cloud forest and flower dome which come in a package at $28 per pax. Here are some pictures of the amazing place:

Cloud Forest

An eye opener: A man-made 35-meter tall mountain stands right in the middle of the dome covered in tropical plants with the world's tallest indoor waterfall. That should sums it all.

Start from the cloud: Fly up the hill by taking the lift and goes round and round down for an aerial view of the surroundings and waterfall. 

Right at the middle: Amazing view from the mid-air with cooling and refreshing surroundings. what more can you ask for?

World tallest in-door waterfall. Me with the amazing man-made waterfall filled with amazing rare plants and superb view of the surroundings.

Flower Dome

Flowers from round the world: Here you'll discover a new world with amazing trees, plants and flowers from around the globe and if you're lucky enough, you might even see some birds flying around.

An overview at a higher ground. Loving this place. Cool and relaxing. Fully cover with glass which does not shut out the sun completely. I didn't really have much time to take proper photos of some amazing flowers. So, there's only a few i could share:

Quick shot: Didn't manage to catch the name of the flower. But looks pretty special to me.

Lotus alike. Again, not sure what flower this is, but it look a little like a lotus. 

By Simon Loh
*Click on the pictures for better quality =)

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