Sep 4, 2013

Garden [by] The Bay

A World Of Wonders

Supertree Grove

Garden By the Bay consist of multiple fascinating man-made indoor and outdoor gardens which located right behind Marina Bay. Before this, I have only seen  images of the famous Supertree Groove popping out on the facebook newsfeed once awhile but to be there to see it with my eyes is just beyond words. Due to time limitation, I only get to visit the cloud forest and flower dome which come in a package at $28 per pax. Here are some pictures of the amazing place:

Cloud Forest

An eye opener: A man-made 35-meter tall mountain stands right in the middle of the dome covered in tropical plants with the world's tallest indoor waterfall. That should sums it all.

Start from the cloud: Fly up the hill by taking the lift and goes round and round down for an aerial view of the surroundings and waterfall. 

Right at the middle: Amazing view from the mid-air with cooling and refreshing surroundings. what more can you ask for?

World tallest in-door waterfall. Me with the amazing man-made waterfall filled with amazing rare plants and superb view of the surroundings.

Flower Dome

Flowers from round the world: Here you'll discover a new world with amazing trees, plants and flowers from around the globe and if you're lucky enough, you might even see some birds flying around.

An overview at a higher ground. Loving this place. Cool and relaxing. Fully cover with glass which does not shut out the sun completely. I didn't really have much time to take proper photos of some amazing flowers. So, there's only a few i could share:

Quick shot: Didn't manage to catch the name of the flower. But looks pretty special to me.

Lotus alike. Again, not sure what flower this is, but it look a little like a lotus. 

By Simon Loh
*Click on the pictures for better quality =)

Aug 27, 2013

[ super star ] Libra Cruise Trip 2013

Ride to the Sea. On a full moon. Till the sun rises

 Libra Star Cruise by Super Star

Sea Escape. That's what I should call it after finally stepping board on a cruise for the 1st time. Our package comes with a room, a free dinner and breakfast in the next morning. We can board as early as 530pm and leave before 12pm the following day. Per pax: RM160 + RM72 (fuel and handling tax). Positive without room would be cheaper (RM80++) and you can spend your night in the casino instead. So, if all goes according to plan, the trip might turn out free! =)

The Cruise deck

Night out: Guess other than the casino, this is the only place to be at. It comes along with two empty swimming pools and a jacuzzi. The Mariners Buffet restaurant is just around the corner. (Foods were just so-so for dinner, Breakfast was much better)

Moon under the clouds

Turned out the night is kinda bright. Thanks to round full moon, we couldn't catch any stars but instead we could see a spot light shinning across the sea. Stunning.

 Windy night with my partner in crime

Dancing with the wave. The ship is actually more stable when it is moving. Guess it's because of the high tide and windy night. Not really a good time to be on deck but the view is just too good to stay in.

 The sun rises

Glimps of light: Watching the sun rises from a crise is a total different feeling. The position of the sun is constantly moving as the ship sail forward. Love sunrise. Big time.

Just us

A perfect morning. Our day couldn't started off any brighter. Perfect view with breakfast on table. We were on cloud 9.

Penang from the open sea

From a different perspective. As more lights came in, we started to see our surroundings more clearly and to witness this little island i grew up emerging from the sea. Simply breathtaking.

By Simon Loh
*Click on the pictures for better quality =)

Oct 3, 2012

[some] Pieces Of Advice

Sometimes you need to have some amount of selfishness and think about your own career.

You are young, and it's important for you to know what you want, and map out your path

6 months from now, no one will remember your generosity

6 months from now, people will only look at how you have progressed in your career

In the working world, you need to be able to take care of yourself.

Aug 17, 2012

Sleep Walking Or [rasuk]?

I actually totally forgot about this incident which happened like 11 years ago until my mates brought it up over dinner just under an hour ago. So yea, decided to blog this up quickly before its forgotten again as I believe this only can happen once in my Lifetime. Hmmp.. yea. hopefully once will do. =)

So, maybe some background introduction first:

There were like maybe 30+ of us went off to a camp in order to obtain the "Ahli Perkhidmatan badge" during my sea-scouting days. I was form two and leading another junior scout ( Sheng Ji ) in the same patrol. This is actually a very basic camp. More like a honeymoon stay in Coronation Camp. Just need to build a tent with drain around, flagpole, fencing and a simple gateway with mob sticks.

But during one of the night, something happened to me which I could not explain. I wasn't even conscious. Wasn't even myself. I honestly doesn't remember a thing. Just remembered I went to "bed", then woke up WET next to a GUY in another campsite. Weird. Initially I just thought maybe I am having the normal "Simon blow" syndrome. But, apparently I did some stuff which  I myself could not imagine myself doing it.

I still doesn't know how true is this...
..but this is the info I got it from the *witnesses awake at the time:

Gonna have to provide as little details as possible:
I slept at my own campsite.I got up. I ran to the river. I walk into it. I pee. I walk back to anotyher campsite. I mumbling some "bahasa orang gila". I went back to bed next to that guy. I woke up.


Aug 14, 2012

Kampung [boy]

NOP. I was not raised in a house made of bricks. The roof is basically that typical "colorful" atap. Sunlights could shine in and water does leaked in once in awhile when it rains. My parents had to pay the landlord monthly to keep that roof over our head. There are drains inside; homes of many rats and cockroaches. One of my hobbies? Killing them with special wooden shoes!! 

Hey, I remember the sound of "Kah Kiak". Had to wear and run across the backyard past few chickens in order to take care of some "big business". Oh yes, the "poo poo" toilet is not in my house, and we need to share it with others. The backyard is connected to my two other neighbours. We could just run around 3 houses like no body's business. 

My family of 6 lives in a room. Smaller than the one I am in right now. No window. But at lease it has air-con. Upstairs were occupied by others. My uncle and another family of two. My late God Father's motorcycle shop is attached to our house in front. Strangers walked in and out all the time borrowing toilet and stuff. It was ever so full of life. 

No. I did not had much ice creams, sweets, snacks or luxury foods. I made my own lantern. I made my own Kite. I made my own sword with newspaper. I even modified my own bicycle. The open sea is not far away. We go there all the time to fly kite. We prank people all the time. Games like gasing, congkak and chinese chess were crazy fun to us. The whole kampung feels like ours. But once too playful, I was robbed by a stranger koko. My gold neck-less given by my late God Father gone. =(

Now. You might be wondering, why writing this all of a sudden? Sigh, its cause the place where I had so much fun growing up will soon be torn down for roads. Sad. But it is necessary in order to make Penang roads better. Will be visiting it very soon with my camera. Before it’s too late. 

With love,
Jelutong Kiddo