Aug 17, 2012

Sleep Walking Or [rasuk]?

I actually totally forgot about this incident which happened like 11 years ago until my mates brought it up over dinner just under an hour ago. So yea, decided to blog this up quickly before its forgotten again as I believe this only can happen once in my Lifetime. Hmmp.. yea. hopefully once will do. =)

So, maybe some background introduction first:

There were like maybe 30+ of us went off to a camp in order to obtain the "Ahli Perkhidmatan badge" during my sea-scouting days. I was form two and leading another junior scout ( Sheng Ji ) in the same patrol. This is actually a very basic camp. More like a honeymoon stay in Coronation Camp. Just need to build a tent with drain around, flagpole, fencing and a simple gateway with mob sticks.

But during one of the night, something happened to me which I could not explain. I wasn't even conscious. Wasn't even myself. I honestly doesn't remember a thing. Just remembered I went to "bed", then woke up WET next to a GUY in another campsite. Weird. Initially I just thought maybe I am having the normal "Simon blow" syndrome. But, apparently I did some stuff which  I myself could not imagine myself doing it.

I still doesn't know how true is this...
..but this is the info I got it from the *witnesses awake at the time:

Gonna have to provide as little details as possible:
I slept at my own campsite.I got up. I ran to the river. I walk into it. I pee. I walk back to anotyher campsite. I mumbling some "bahasa orang gila". I went back to bed next to that guy. I woke up.


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