Aug 14, 2012

Kampung [boy]

NOP. I was not raised in a house made of bricks. The roof is basically that typical "colorful" atap. Sunlights could shine in and water does leaked in once in awhile when it rains. My parents had to pay the landlord monthly to keep that roof over our head. There are drains inside; homes of many rats and cockroaches. One of my hobbies? Killing them with special wooden shoes!! 

Hey, I remember the sound of "Kah Kiak". Had to wear and run across the backyard past few chickens in order to take care of some "big business". Oh yes, the "poo poo" toilet is not in my house, and we need to share it with others. The backyard is connected to my two other neighbours. We could just run around 3 houses like no body's business. 

My family of 6 lives in a room. Smaller than the one I am in right now. No window. But at lease it has air-con. Upstairs were occupied by others. My uncle and another family of two. My late God Father's motorcycle shop is attached to our house in front. Strangers walked in and out all the time borrowing toilet and stuff. It was ever so full of life. 

No. I did not had much ice creams, sweets, snacks or luxury foods. I made my own lantern. I made my own Kite. I made my own sword with newspaper. I even modified my own bicycle. The open sea is not far away. We go there all the time to fly kite. We prank people all the time. Games like gasing, congkak and chinese chess were crazy fun to us. The whole kampung feels like ours. But once too playful, I was robbed by a stranger koko. My gold neck-less given by my late God Father gone. =(

Now. You might be wondering, why writing this all of a sudden? Sigh, its cause the place where I had so much fun growing up will soon be torn down for roads. Sad. But it is necessary in order to make Penang roads better. Will be visiting it very soon with my camera. Before it’s too late. 

With love,
Jelutong Kiddo


jiunmei said...

You're making me missing home.

Simon Loh said...

You should be =)
Home is waiting for you...